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Location of Sixtau (Headquarter DRUENTO - Italy)

The Company

Since it was set up in 1969,
Sixtau has been active in the automation, test and programming equipment sectors of the vehicle industry.

The continuing expansion
of the company, in terms
of personnel and turnover,
is clearly reflected in the quality
of our workmanship and
in our products.

Sixtau is a company that operates
in the automotive vehicles sector.
Its main activity is to analyze
and solve any automation problem
with the most innovative and reliable technologies.The company is able to provide "ready to go" solutions
for testing and certification
of quality in the various
production sectors of the
automobile industry.

The Team

Sixtau has a high professional team working side by side with customer's  technical personnel. Starting from
the kick-off phase of the project
up to maintenance and service activities, a continuous support
is assured.

This sort of cooperation allowed
the company to complete and
widen its proposal capabilities
and acquire specific technological knowledge and know-how.

At the same time, using a
common technical language,
a knowledge sharing process
is implemented, leading to
a reciprocal "technical growth".
Sixtau's technical personnel
is periodically trained on
applications / solutions developed
by R&D on the basis
of market requirements.
The Solution

As a supplier of solutions
and equipment, Sixtau acts
as the referring partner in
the automotive sector. The Customer's specific needs/applications find solution
in the wide proposal capabilities developed by Sixtau's technical team, in order to provide flexible and easy manageable answers to a fast evolving market. Investments in research
and development, as well
as the creation of
highly-skilled teams assure
a solid presence
in the following lines:

test equipment for the manufacture
and assembly of vehicle subassemblies (dashboard, cockpit, door module)
- test equipment for the manufacture
and assembly of harness and interconnections
- complete diagnostic equipment
- programming equipment (ECUs)
- factory information system interface
for production process
data management.

The Goals

The Main Goal of the company
is to automate and simplify
the quality control. Sixtau
developes mechanical, electrical
and electronic projects; implements hardware and software applications; furthermore it produces quality
control tools within the automated production processes.

Companies working with Sixtau
are supported by a team of technical specialists and supplied with
equipment improving the
performances of their
production lines.
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